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Our Founder - Mr Farid Premani holds Guiiness World Record for coaching largest number of digital marketers globally as part of his social impact project.

At We recruit only best university grads overseas to bring cost of hiring affordable, equip them with best gadgets, training and management tools in collaboration with American Continuing Education Academy investing creating trained assets for easy adaptation of clients

Our prices are affordable Value for Money
We help you save about 70% hiring cost and 
Our associated helps you 3x business 

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Save up to 40%

Average Digital Marketer in US cost $5000/month and $60,000 a year

With us not only you will find best in class, trained, gold medalist level overseas marketer but also at $20,000/year cost approx and free tools to track him worth $200/mo


We provide time tracker, Hubstaff keyboard snipping record management tool, free payroll processing for all our clients as part of commitment. Start with first hire and you will experience!


Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Link Building

Contacting Influencers

Appointment Setting

Proposal Writing and many more things we train as part of digital marketing efforts to help you get best and ready available assistant


We hire people from remote and mountain economies providing quality professionals, job and pre training, to give you outstanding results and 3x productivity helping you gain business and have inhouse cost effective dedicated personal working in US based time zone.

AFFORDABLE TALENT at 1/3rd COST hires the best university graduates from top-tier institutions and trains them in the skills of digital marketing, SEO, social media management, virtual assistance, and secretarial work. They are trained by the American Continuing Education Academy to ensure that they have the necessary expertise and qualifications. Our team works 8 hours per day full-time, providing clients with high-quality services that are tailored to their specific needs. We offer offshore outsourcing services that allow small and mid-sized businesses to save up to 1/3rd of their costs and provide time tracking tools to ensure that our clients have complete control over the work done by our team.


Our services are designed to help businesses scale and grow by providing them with high-quality talent and expertise at a fraction of the cost. or Book Exploratory Call with Founder


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Farid Premani (our founder) is an educationist and impact entrepreneur. He has won prestigious awards such as "The Guinness World Record" for coaching largest number of people into employment education. Won Silicon Valley's Startup Grind 2.0 Award at Fox Theatre.

Created and sold three companies in past and have Patent for Creating World First Educational Robot.


Workforce Hire (former Find Remote Staff) is an impact company created

to help North American, Canadian and West European Small Business Entrepreneurs in finding quality remote staff lowering 1/3rd of their payroll price to survive in this recession economy.

While, giving these third world country young professionals chance to deliver outcomes showing their dedication and zeal having scarcity of opportunities by working remotely from their home. Our customers have been very happy with anyone we have placed and all workers have been associated showcasing loyalty and Win-Win for all!


Help Farid take this social mission to next level being part of drive... for more information!

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